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These are the things I learnt…what did you learn?



Happy Easter to you and yours. Or should I say Happy April Fools Day. Well, which ever you choose to celebrate with your family, friends or colleagues, I am here to show you how to put a spin on it. Have fun but remain in perfect health. No hospitals and no stinging aftermath feelings.

| How To Be Proactive |

If you want to be great or achieve any kind of success in life, then being proactive should be a keyword at the back of your mind. Taking responsibilities for yourself should be at the tip of your fingers. I hope these practical steps help you achieve that;

| False Humility |

…then boom, 🤯 I learnt that what I have known my entire life is false. Okay maybe not this dramatic but you catch my drift. 😉
Let me give you perfect examples of when you are being humble and when it’s a total false humility:

| 20 Ways Of Improving Your Self Esteem |

When I see a person with a low or high self esteem, I immediately see a reflection of their upbringing. This is not a rule as I have witnessed a lot of folks work on their self image to a point where there is no negative self image to be seen.

| How I Deal With Depression |

Life is not always hard but what you do when life deals you a hard card cannot be overemphasized….email me any personal stories of how you dealt with your depression and help someone battling the same issue out there and have an amazing new week 🖤

| Do Not Delay Your Dreams |

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” By Napoleon Hill…
As I lie down to ponder over my daily routine, sit down to meditate or take a nice evening stroll(something I should do more regularly😩)

| A Poem To My Mother |

Nothing can replace our mothers or our mother’s love. This poem is nothing compared to all the love and appreciation they should hear everyday….

| Advice To My Younger Self |

If you could go back in time to give your younger self a good piece of advice, what would it be? I interviewed these women and their response will shock you…read more on

| The Art Of Introspection |

From elections to wars we find ourselves trapped in cycles we cannot escape. We constantly entertain mass murderers who promise us revolution…

| Being Normal Is Boring |

Maya Angelou wasn’t overemphasizing the need to live your best life when she warned us that; ‘if you are always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be’. Let that marinate.🤔