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| 5 Steps To Retire In 5 Years – My Interview Of Jason Fieber AKA Mr. Free At 33 |

Unlike most people, Jason was able to figure out a way to beat the system by achieving financial freedom and retiring from his day job at a car dealership at the very young age of 33. He went from being broke, eating ramen noodles for a year and $20,000 in debt to build an investment portfolio of 100+ companies which yields about $13,000 in profits annually. Now he lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and spends his time blogging and coaching others on gaining financial independence in just 5 years and retiring early.
All throughout the interview, Jason gave a lot of insights into F.I.R.E and how to navigate through successfully. He recommended the top three books to read and why? He opened up about his childhood, estranged family, relationship status and a lot more – Here So check out his blog Mrfreeat33 for more savings and investment strategies as you aim at gaining financial freedom and early retirement.


| One Child – Torey Hayden |

When Sheila was four years old, her mom left her dad, took her baby brother(Jimmie) and on the road, she pushed Sheila out of the car to go live with her alcoholic father who was also verbally abusive. She lived in abject poverty with him and would go to school smelly and dirty. She grew up malnourished, destructive, angry, quiet, unfriendly and sad. This six year old girl has been through…

| The Art Of Introspection |

From elections to wars we find ourselves trapped in cycles we cannot escape. We constantly entertain mass murderers who promise us revolution…