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Hello friend,

My name is Idy and you are warmly welcomed to my Blog.

I’m actually an Architect, and now a blogger surprisingly🌚but on a more serious note, itanndy was created to share my thoughts and fashion ideas with all you beautiful people out there.

I love black as a color and denim which you probably have noticed so far from my fashion posts and Instagram posts itanndy

Why did I decide to start blogging? Honestly I’m still hoping to discover why! Yes! my friends already suggested and pretty much pitched the idea about starting a blog because for some reasons, believed that I had something to share with others beyond my circle.

It wasn’t the most exciting idea to know that a certain amount of my time will be required per week to sit my ass down and be creative with my thoughts but more than the fear of starting something completely new was the excitement to enjoy the process.

Well, here we are right? All I hope is that somehow the contents I create will help someone out there in a positive way, and that I keep getting the motivation not to forget the exciting new feeling I had in the beginning.

So please comment,Β share!!!

Oh and leave suggestions in the comment or just email me

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