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| 8 Fun Ways To Make Money While In Your PJs |

Work and comfort are two words that do not mix in the same sentence, but times are changing and with the internet, you can conquer the world.

This post is not about getting rich in a week but if you are taking a break from a traditional job setting then maybe these 8 work from home jobs can help you with your upkeep all the while still wearing your PJs.

1. Blogger: Okay, I’m not suggesting that you quit your day job to blog if you do not have enough savings to sustain this kill hobby. Blogging is absolutely free and easy to start especially if you want to do it as a hobby. I suggest starting with, as they have everything pretty detailed down for you and it cost zero dollars to start a WordPress blog. Or if you want to get down and dirty with coding and starting from scratch, then go for Don’t get it twisted, you will not make a dime from the blog from the start but just stay consistent and keep putting out relevant contents and eventually, you can start getting paid for your favorite hobby. You need a lot of patience and savings for this sweet sweet home-job.


2.   Photographer: I have a camera on my phone and so does everyone else, but becoming a professional photographer for events like weddings, prom, birthdays and all those cheesy parties can generate extra cash for you. These days, the job of a professional photographer can make a huge difference in what quality of memory you save from an event. While getting yourself a camera, try learning how to edit photos too so that you don’t deliver cheap and low quality photos. That’d mean the end of your cozy career because nobody will higher you. Also, you can sell your images online. Foap is a good place to do sell images.


3.  Translator: So, let me get this straight. You are telling me that, you can speak another language fluently yet you are not milking money out of that skill? You should definitely start translating speeches and documents and if you are in a country like Nigeria, you can even start translating sermons and you better get paid for it(if you know, you know). If you are paid $0.1 per word for a 3000-word document, then you are making $300 per document. Why are you still here? Put you Cantonese to good use.


4. Β Online Teacher: If you are a language teacher of any sort, then start teaching via Skype or in a pre-recorded session through organizations like and Connections Academy. Or if you are a science teacher, maths teacher, whatever kind of teacher, even a life coach, there is absolutely nothing stoping you from making excellent use of the technology of today. Thousands of people online are willing to pay enormous amount of money for the knowledge you are hoarding and you do not have to leave your house to reach them. Sign up today and start making money Clooney. I just thought the Clooney rhymed with money and … whatever, you get the point.


5.  Stylist: Fortunately for you, we are living in an Instagram age where lots and lots and lots and lots of people are aspiring to look better than a laundry bag for the gram. So if you love fashion and know all the styles in vogue, then I have good news for you. Fashionistas need your sense of style and you need their money. WIN-WIN! AllAboutStyling says you can make around $20 per hour. I necessary would not pay that much for someone to tell me how to combine a turtle-neck sweater and gloves for winter but you’d be shock at what people are willing to pay for. You have nothing to lose by trying right? So go for it and you might even want to be a bit proactive by creating an online profile first to showcase your skills. Goodluck babes πŸ™‚


6.  Chef: We all know that one person in the group who swears they can cook anyone to the grave, if you happen to be that person, then what are you doing just cooking in your basement? If you don’t just love cooking, but actually know how to balance out spices in a pot of soup, then you can do this and get paid for it. Start catering from your own kitchen or become a personal chef. It’s the same as cooking for yourself, just with a twist. Now, if you don’t want to do all the work on your own, you can hire a team. Giving jobs to people who otherwise would have been jobless. I agree that cooking is not for everyone. Certainly, not for me. So start by whipping up something small and getting feedback from your close friends. Because your taste buds are dead does not mean your friends’ are. You can bake too, if cooking is not as fun.


7.  Voice Actor: According to, you can make anything from $100 for a 15-second recording gig to about $3000 per audiobook. Insane right? So if you have a golden voice, you can make somewhere between $56 to $72 per hour. Look, all you have to do is read a bunch of sentences in dramatic, animated voices. Super fun. Before you start though, there are basic equipments you need like, a good voice capturing microphone, headphones, a microphone stand, a pop filter to filter out noise from your voice, and most importantly a recording software. Watch a ton of youtube videos on how to set this up and you are good to go. Oh, you should sign up to to get started on landing gigs. Have fun.


8.  Programmer: Over the last decade, we have seen how programming has evolved and made our lives simpler and simpler. I mean right now, programmers are the ones carrying the torch of coolness and controlling things the way they want. They are also amongst the highest paid professionals in the world. Coding is hard and not meant for everyone but if you know how to code, then the world is your oyster. From creating websites, to helping build start-ups from scratch, the possibilities of understanding the coding language are endless. The best news about this is that you don’t need to leave the warmness of your bed to start earning money as a programmer. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop. Your customers all over the world are waiting to be helped.  


There are a million ways to make money right from your couch but don’t be fooled into believing they are easy-breezy because they are not. At least not so easy in the beginning. It takes hard work to get to a high skill level where you can pick and choose your gigs and wages. It sure is better than clocking in to a traditional job. You have control over your time and however you want to spend it is entirely your decision.

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