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10 Ways To Style Thigh-High Boots

Thigh high boots are one of those snobby fashion accessories specific to certain outfits and sometimes even seasons. You can go wrong when styling them, that is why I hope this post helps your fine looking self to figure out how to style your favorite pair of luxury over-the-knee boots.

You can also check out the photo-credit links, if you want of-course.

  • With Body-con Mini-Gown
Beyonce’s body-con gown and Gucci bag obviously cost more than my entire wardrobe but you can definitely find a nice and an affordable mini-gown in a thrift shop or on eBay. Also, can we take a minute to acknowledge how stunning Bey looks pregnant?
Idy paired these missguided boots with an awfully comfortable double-breasted jacket from an online store. I believe it was on sales. Chic and cheap.  
  • With Over-Sized Denim Jacket 
My girl Rachel at Chic Glam absolutely made these peep-toe thigh-high boots work by rocking it with the perfect over-sized denim jacket. A look you can rock no matter the weather. Just throw on more layers and you are good to go.
  • With Denim Shorts
We all know Micah Gianelli does not come to play with anyone. She absolutely bodied these black lace-up thigh high boots and embroidered sweatshirt. Perfect for most seasons other than winter.
  • With Over-Sized Cropped Top
You cannot go wrong with an over sized cropped top. It gives you a casual chic look. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin, it’s good for global warming or whatever.
  • With Leather Mini-Skirt
AJ Odudu looks absolutely stunning in her suede booties and how else to make this a stunner look but by brilliantly pairing them with this high-waist leather skirt and a smile. Beat that!
  • With Over-Sized Sweater
Meagan decided to bring in the holidays early with a glowing skin, laid edges and a gorgeous over-sized sweater from wild feathers. Happy Holidays guys.
  • With Anything Camouflage | Navy Green
Ok! Can we talk colors? Yes we can and especially if  my girl, Tosin is sending out memos. How can you go wrong with camou or army green. From the sassy hair down to the loosely fitted booties, go rock the world peaches.
  • With Leather Jacket
Come all the way through with a classic leather jacket or biker’s jacket. I promise that not only will you look chic in those thigh-high booties but you will walk tall and badass when paired with a leather jacket.
  • With Layers Upon Layers
This one is for all my people who still want to look chic even in the cold. Just layer up baby and do it the  Yara Shahidi way and add a pop of color to the outfit, while at it.

I could go on and on about a million ways to style a thigh-high boots. Go classic, go vintage, go chic, go minimalist, go casual, go formal…just go and conquer the world while looking fly. 

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