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| My Thanksgiving 2018 |

I just laid there. Doing nothing, saying nothing. I mean I was doing something but most people don’t think it’s something. The point is that I was watching Grey’s Anatomy. An interesting show, if you have not seen it. Fun to watch all the drama that goes on in the lives of those fake doctors and interns and oh! I think Dr. Bailey and Dr. Yang are my two faves. They are almost everyone’s faves. Maybe because they appear tough and stern and badass at their jobs. I don’t know. We all just like them. Gosh! Idy focus. You are deflecting.

So I paused GA and just laid there. Staring hard at the ceiling. It’s funny because my room is dark so it’s a bit hard to decide if I’m staring at the ceiling or trying to harness some deep thoughts. So I just laid there, staring. Then, I start to think of Thanksgiving. I did not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving but it seems like a good tradition to adopt, so around this time and all the fuzz, I also think of thanksgiving. Not that I celebrate the holiday but the thought of just dwelling on the things I’m grateful for, is quite…I don’t know, morally right. I mean it feels like the right thing to do, being grateful for the good shit that’s happened to me in the past and my family and friends and oh, my job. Yeah, my job because that ultimately pays for the place where I can occasionally pause on watching Meredith screw McDreamy and think of a holiday that I did not grow up celebrating.

I thought about Thanksgiving for a while and then I got distracted by my heartbeat and bloated stomach. It’s really fascinating how the rhythm of my beating heart harmonized with the ‘Love Yourself’ hit song Ed Sheeran wrote for Justin Bieber to sing. So I started humming along and then I lost the sync and stopped. Not out of irritation but because of my wall clock. The tick-tick sound just rudely interrupted the humming and everything just sounded a mess. Anyway, I’m here still staring hard at the ceiling and grateful for even having a heart that beats. I’m one of the lucky ones, I think. Should I consider myself lucky for having a beating heart in this chaotic world or not? I don’t know but I’m grateful for it.

I’m also thankful that I can crack my knuckles. Some people cannot do that and they would love to crack their knuckles. I’m always taken aback when people say they hate hearing others’ cracked-knuckles. That shit is so relieving and I like to feel relieved. Heck! Who doesn’t? I also crack my neck for relieving. If you saw me do it, you’d declare me crazy but I promise, Neckgarsm!!! I should have a drink or two but my wine glass cabinet seems like an airplane ticket away so I’ll just settle for the Canned Bitter-Lemon beside me.

I should get back to watching GA, I’m sure George is up to doing some dumb shit as always. The fact that I can derive fun from watching people do dumb and awesome shit in movies and TV-Shows, is certainly another thing I’m grateful for. I fucking hate George. Like how much dumb and dumber can you be in a season?

What little things are people grateful for? This holiday should change to grateful-(s)-giving. Thankful just sounds more washed-down than Grateful. I’ll let Americans decide. I’m exhausted🤦🏾‍♀️

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