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| Hilarious Magazine Article From 1958 – 129 Ways To Get A Husband |

I have to start by warning you to keep an opened-mind especially if you are a feminist. This very ridiculously hilarious article will get a rise out of you if you are not careful.Β Let me be very clear that even though I am a feminist, I found this article very entertaining.

Check out these photos of a magazine article from 1958 about 129 Ways To Get A Husband. Before you keep on scrolling down, you probably have a certain image of how the world was in the 1950s. It is not a secret that the world has come a long way in fighting the default narrative of women living their lives to appeal to men’s desires. It might have worked in the past in helping women keep in line with the unadulterated level of patriarchy but sisters, if you practice these now, then I would like to hear some feedback on how that is working out for you. This just makes me question the level of self-esteem flowing from this article.

#35 sounds like a pretty solid one

#98 just knocked me right out.

#113 is just fucking extreme.

#123 sounds more like a quick way to get killed.



Men, would you still notice a woman if she tried all of these stupid stunts to get your attention? Happy weekend guys.

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3 thoughts on “| Hilarious Magazine Article From 1958 – 129 Ways To Get A Husband | Leave a comment

  1. The rules are too much just to get husband, no 6 says says read obituary πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 24 says associate with pretty girls, they may have left over . That is savage πŸ™†. I don’t know how 76 is supposed to work. As for 82, tell me you don’t plan on getting married, I’m sure as hell not gonna convince you. Actually, I’m also gonna tell you I’m not ready for marriage too. 93 and 101 are ridiculous. 107 made me smile cos I don’t watch cartoon. 111 is funny. Why Yale? But overall it was funny and 70 percent of them is true.
    I internationally excluded yours cos I agree with them. Meanwhile what is male boarders?

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