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| My Last Summer Weekend |

I looked over my left shoulder and noticed him drop his back-pack on the floor. What the fuck? Is he nuts? There were more than 80 people pushing their way to and from the bar to the small dance floor and back to the tightly arranged sofas. From his hair cut and clothing, I assumed he was a kid. Definitely not older than 20  years old. Then I was distracted by this awkward dancing lady in the middle of the floor, before looking back to the bottled water in front of me. I was sober for the second time that day but felt terribly tired. My feet had endured two high-heeled shoes and were begging to be freed.

Still tired and not feeling the music enough to dance, I went downstairs and also because it was an excuse to sit and rest my feet. As soon as I sat down, adjusted to make sure the chair was comfy enough, Back-pack boy sat directly opposite me on the longer sofa and extended his hand towards me indicating that I should come sit next to him. I looked at him and signed, Weirdo!

Sober and curious, I asked him how old he was and he said his age smiling. I looked at him again, closely this time and told him that 19 was a more believable number. Haha! We spoke for about 5 minutes, exchanged contacts, then I left him there and headed back to the bar. The day was long but the night dragged on endlessly. All in all, the next morning I was woken up by the notification sound on my phone. Damn it, I forgot to turn that stupid sound off. Urghh! Already awake now, plus I had an appointment in two hours so I started preparing to leave.

Three hours later, I finished with the meeting and had some free time to burn. Why not burn it with this stranger? Luckily for me, he was not busy and still wanted to hang out. We met up eventually and I had one of the best days of summer ’18. We spoke t as if we have been friends for years. His mind was so free and it felt so serene hearing him talk about nothing. Although I’m cool as fuck to hang out with he was dope. Wandered through the park, into the main city and met this interesting old Georgian lady playing restaurant-mascot. Her English was perfect(which is rare to come by in my city) and she wore an interestingly-looking rusty silver sword around her waist, held a menu with her left hand and motioned us towards her direction with her right. As soon as she was close enough, she went OFF…told us about an event(live concert) which will take place the following Friday. Raved about the sumptuousness of Georgian food and especially the ones served at that particular restaurant. She went on to tell us the best places to visit in Kyiv, assuming we were both tourist. (I simply cannot put to words how bubbly and full of life this short-stature woman was). Quite infectious!

Of course we listened to her,(she was quite convincing) and went in the direction she described. Boy was she right! That’s where the real adventure began. Through an arched entrance, we walked our way into a hidden park. It is not a regular city park because I doubt it receives any maintenance at all. The park is on a sort of hidden hill with bush-trails. From the top of the hill, you can see a clear skyline of Kyiv city. You can also see a ‘small but beautiful residential town’ built below and lots of other cool places. We wandered around the park for more than half an hour then we decided, it would be even more fun to trespass. Yes! We followed one of the bush paths, dangerously slippery and leading down to the small town. Managed not to get injured and by helping each other every step of the way, we scaled the smaller fence and hopped into the town through one of the yards. Gosh that was fun. I cannot forget the expression on that middle-aged woman when she saw us approaching out of nowhere. Haha!

Besides trespassing, we crashed a ‘party’, had a bunch of food, grabbed fancy stickers and souvenirs, took photos and mingled. They thought we legit were invited.

Later, he introduced me to his friend. I pulled him to the side and asked for a little more details about his fried and all he kept saying was ‘he is a good person, a very good person, he is just a good person’. What the hell? Is that it? Is that all you know about your friend? How long have you known him for? He looked me dead in the eyes and said ‘oh I met him yesterday’  What???????!!!!!!!!!???????

Long story short, his friend was really cool. Also a dope fella and we laughed, laughed and laughed some more. They seem genuinely interested in nothing and absolutely unfazed by life. I hope to see them again although even if I do not, this memory will stay with me in its purest and warmest form.

Bottom-line, I had a lit summer weekend and you are reading about it. Oh I forgot to mention the blunt we shared and how he gave me his shirt to wear because he noticed I was cold. Sweet!!!

Thank you for the wonderful adventure Niki and Dim. Thank you fro reminding me that sometimes you can get the most out of life even without trying and that life is really not that serious, so live it. Never change that haircut. See you soon or not!

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