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…1. How often do you drink? 2. Why do you drink? 3. When did you start drinking? 4. Do you think you need a drink?  5. Is drinking your way to celebrate? 6. Where do you like to drink? 7. When do you like to drink? 8. What do you like to do while you drink? 9. Do you judge people who drink? 10. Do you respect people who can drink a lot? 11. How do you react to others drinking? 12. Do you know someone who gets happy, angry, or sad when they drink? 13. What is the strangest drink you’ve had or heard of? Ok! Ok! Ok! I will stop with the questions. Haha! I can almost feel your anxiety, so I will stop with the damn questions.

Now, I am not talking about your fancy little water nor your nasty looking juice. I do not imagine your ghastly blended smoothie nor your tasteless tea or coffee while asking this questions. So I will ask one last time, how often do you drink?…just read the questions again. Whether you are 21 years old or above the age-drinking limit set up in your country, drinking more than you should can often put you in trouble. It can leave you for death with a wrecking hangover. The older you get, the worse the hangover or so I heard…LOL

Ask a million people how to cure a hangover and yes you will get a million different ways to avoid/cure a hangover. It’s almost as if every heavy drinker made it a point of duty to discover a personalized cure for hangover. Which to be fair, might turn out very efficient. ***Drink more. ***Eat greasy grub. ***Drink coffee. ***Pop over-the-counter pain relievers. etc.

“There’s no magic potion that gets rid of a hangover,” says George Koob, MD, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).  Drinking less is the only way out.

However, the ‘drinking less’ policy is very ideal in theory but in practice, can be hard. So how do you keep things in balance? How do you throw back your favorite shot or glass of Pinot noir and not feel guilty that you have to work the next day without worrying about a fucking hangover?

Tips to help you avoid/cure a hangover:

The Best Cure

The very best way to cure a hangover is to avoid getting one in the first place. Consume alcohol responsibly, and take time to eat a meal or snacks while drinking  so the alcohol is absorbed with the food to lessen its effects. By knowing your limits, drinking responsibly and avoiding overindulgence, you may never need to know how to cure a hangover. However, if you have a thing for hangovers then it is best you also know how to tone it down. Goodluck)

  • Eat a tonne of food.
steak food
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Instead of pre-drinks with your buddies before heading out to the club to drink some more and get turnt, opt for food. It is a fact that the more food you have in your system, the more alcohol intake your body can withstand. So here is a double plus. You can drink more, and get drunk less.

  • Budget up.
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Ok! This may sound absurd but works for me. Take a sizable amount of money for 3 shots or 3 bottles of beer or whatever alcoholic limit your body can withstand and no matter how tempting it is to drink more, your wallet will help you stay rational.

  • Drink Water.
clean clear cold drink
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For every drink you gulp down, follow up with a glass of water. For every 2 drinks, follow up with 2 glasses of water. This way you stay hydrated. You’ll be in the bathroom more than usual and that is fine. Bathroom to pee now than bathroom all night to puke.

  • Stick to one kind of alcohol in each category.
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Beer and Wine are in category 1. Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Gin, and Rum are in category 2. Do not combine drinks from the same category in one night(beer and wine or whiskey and tequila). You can drink tequila and beer, but make sure you drink the hard stuff first, before switching to something light. Do your tequila drinking (or whiskey, or vodka, or gin, or rum) first before the beers or wine. Hard stuff first. Once you’re already drunk, STOP DRINKING HARD STUFF. Do not continue to push liquor into a drunk stomach. If you simply must keep drinking, switch to beer, and don’t switch back.

  • Electrolytes

Alcohol will dehydrate you in a hurry. Alcohol is a diuretic, which has a profound effect on your blood sugar. “Your body responds to alcohol like ‘Oooh, a lot of simple sugars coming in, I better pump out the insulin,’” says Sedgwick. “It’s that insulin response that lowers your blood sugars.” Sports drinks, fruit juice, coconut water, Pedialyte, and similar vitamin-rich options can replenish lost electrolytes and bring your blood sugars back up to speed.

  • Do not smoke and drink 
close up photo of cigarette
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For some people, the two go together. But you may pay the price. “Smoking cigarettes while drinking results in worse hangovers,” says Damaris Rosenhow, PhD, associate director of the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University. There is a theory that both alcohol and smokes affect your sleep, and poor shut-eye may make you feel even crummier.

  • Drink beer first thing in the morning
alcohol alcoholic alcoholic beverage beer
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“Have a beer in the morning the first thing after your eyes open,” Yoder said. “I had a friend who swore by this for years. I was skeptical because I was always under the impression that only time truly cures a hangover. However, I tried it once and realized there was truth in the method.”

  • Sleep
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Sleep to give your body time to recover. I would say to sleep for at least 5 hours. The longer you can rest, the more energy your body can use to process the alcohol and end the hangover. Sleeping in the next day can help you overcome even the worst symptoms. A cool, dark, quiet place will be the most comfortable for sleep to help you overcome a hangover.

  • Drink tea
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Ginger tea, Chamomile tea, Green tea, Hibiscus tea, Fennel tea, Lavender tea, Peppermint tea are all the good ones that not only help cure hangover but severe headache after a tough working day. I strongly recommend you have these in your kitchen cabinet.


***If you take aspirin for a hangover, do not drink ginger tea. The blood-thinning effect of aspirin might negatively interact with ginger.

***Avoid chamomile if you’re allergic to daisies, ragweed, asters, or chrysanthemums. These plants are related and might cause an allergic reaction.

***Green tea contains caffeine. For some, this can worsen stomach problems. For others, it makes things better. If green tea makes you feel worse, avoid it when you’re hungover.

***Always drink responsibly. That I can swear by.

Please comment below on how you effectively get rid of your hangover and which of the solutions above, you live by. Have a wonderful day)))

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  1. Will all these things stop hang over? Interesting!
    Personally, I hate the feeling of hangover due to the sensation in the head. I think everyone knows their limit and also when the drink begins to kick in. At that point I feel it’s best to stop.
    As for smoking and drinking, for smokers, it is like bread and tea 😊
    Nice piece…. good work as always ✌

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