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Astonish | The Strange Chinese Woman |

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If you have ever had a dream, a great idea or a special thought that is begging to be shone but somehow found a way to doubt yourself, then this story is for you.

No this is not just a story of how easy it is to give up on yourself(because that is a proven fact). This is an unusual story of why you should fuck all odds and take a chance on yourself, by yourself and for yourself. If there is one thing I have learnt in my very short time of being on earth, it is the power of my abilities.

I have met several women with terrific stories but I met a woman with a story and it changed my life. She must have been between 41 and 50 years old of age but it doesn’t really matter because the seven minutes we spent together was enough to not care how old she was. Maybe to you, her age must have mattered but to me, it was just irrelevant.

Originally from China, she has lived in more than 30 countries and has seen more than an average person in the world. How we met was very random, as I sat at the hotel kitchen whipping up some breakfast before heading out to sightsee that Saturday morning. She walked in with a book in her left hand and a cup of espresso in her right hand. Looked at my pan of eggs and proceeded to sit by the kitchen window. She noticed I had been watching her the whole time but didn’t look at me once.

Then she asked, how are you? Followed by how old are you?…Usually I’d answered very callously so she’d be uninterested in asking more questions or starting up that awkward meeting a new person discussion(too early for a conversation is my side policy). I answered without even thinking and quickly finished up my scrambled eggs. Dished it into two plates and waited for my friend to come down for breakfast. The woman asked again, how old are you? I repeated my answer and she smiled, sipped her coffee and said oh the things I dreamt of when I was your age. Totally random.

Excuse me?( in my mind)…And out loud I asked, what do you mean by that? Trying not to show my agitation…She went on about how growing up in a small village, south of China (I wish I remember the name). How very tough it was. 4 siblings and a sick mother and how she never imagined her life would be lived the way she is living now. I was honestly confused as to why this total stranger would be telling me all these unasked narrative about her personal life and hoped that she’d just shut up and go away(after all, we all have our struggles). Before I could ask her any question, she got up very dramatically, walked to the sink, poured away her coffee, turned around in my direction and asked; what is your name? I said Idy(she mispronounced Aida), I just let it slide since most foreigners make that mistake. Still looking in my direction, she said Aida, do not ever limit yourself. Wtf is wrong with this lady I thought. She continued, No matter what, you don’t know how much your body and mind can withstand unless you limit yourself. Walked to the door and up to her room. I still do not understand the weirdness of that encounter but I’m glad it happened.

My God! This was the strangest encounter I have ever had with a stranger. More so at a hotel. But this encounter did two things for me of which I’m eternally grateful for;

  1. It got me reevaluating my life and the past decisions I had let off simply because I doubted myself. I saw in retrospect how easily I gave up on an idea or a dream that I later regretted.
  2. It made me decide never to limit myself or my abilities ever again. It is very easy to give up on yourself and have a pity party. It is very easy to dwell on the what if’s and the I cants and even easier to convince yourself that you still have time to figure it out therefore procrastinating shit that should be done now.

You think of all the people that will be potentially disappointed in you and the people who will laugh at your ideas and the ones who you may have to compete with. You go on and on about how you are not ready, about how it is a family trait to never succeed in a certain area or field…about a million excuses on how you are not fit to move forward and live your best life. Who to please, who is looking, who will say what and how enormous the shame will be. Well guess what darling! You will not be the first nor the last to think of what others might think of your ideas and dreams, no matter how little or big.

All limits are self-imposed said Icarus and if you look back, you’ll see it’s true in the many decisions you gave up on.

I say, fuck ’em and go for it. It is true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So what if the idea is shitty. So what if it fails? At least you have discovered one more mistake you should repeat in future. One more approach you can avoid in getting shit done in the next project.

I still fail everyday in this. I still fall short and limit myself but those words haunt me every other day. ‘Do not limit yourself.’

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to go beyond limits and set your own rules – Anonymous

Ask yourself, what the hell will you loose? Don’t let your past limit you. I learn this the hard way everyday. Join Nike and just do it. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Have an amazing week y’all πŸ˜‰

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