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| The Big Bright Yellow Богдан |

Of all the public transports available in my city, I prefer using the bus. Along the streets of Kyiv, you can spot them at every corner and bustops. I can safely assume there are others who love riding buses as well I do because of how rapidly filled-up it gets at each scheduled stop.

The big bright yellow Bogdan(Богдан, as the locals call her). See, I think Bogdan is very dear to the people’s heart or maybe it’s just due to how cheap it is to ride one🤷🏾‍♀️. Anyway, I find myself using the bus more often than any other public transport in my city and I think it is finally dawn on me why.

From the moment I walk down to the bustop to hailing down a bus that possibly wanted to speed off without stoping to pick me up🙄, I get all excited and shit😅 and I know, you are thinking ‘Uhmm weirdo’. The excitement doesn’t show on my face as I detest smiling or laughing publicly but within the pits of my belly, a whole party is lit af. Sometimes Bogdan is very crowded and other times I share that moment in my life with three passengers and a cranky old pass-me-a-blunt-anytime-of-the-day looking driver. Writing this story, I just realized that there are a thousand and one stories I want to write related to my experience on the big bright yellow Bogdan which could only mean I have spent most of my life outside the house, in buses. Shit!😅🙈.

Whenever I am inside a bus, I do one of these three things. Mostly it’s a combination of two.

  • I find a seat or stand in a perfect corner and observe others put on a show.👀
  • I put on a show myself.💃🏻
  • Open a book and read myself to sleep.🤤

Today I want to share about finding a seat and watching others put on a show.

Creepy? Yes but every time you ride a bus, I can almost guarantee that there is at least one person all cozied up observing you do your shit. If you think nobody is watching, then maybe you are the creepy one. It is fine. Let’s creep together🤗.

Striking the things people do or the way they react or their facial expressions or body languages when in their minds nobody is watching. I also know that you should not care if someone like me is staring at you and judging your life from a distance because frankly it’s not that deep but it is fucking hilarious to observe humans just be humans without a camera to document it.

There are many types of characters you can find inside The Bogdan;

  • The people who will immediately search for an empty seat to sink inside.(always tired)
  • The ones who come in clueless of where the bus is headed.(always asking questions)
  • The ones who know every direction and bustop names.(always ready to help)
  • The ones who don’t understand that their voices can be heard through out the entire bus while they are on the phone ordering soup.(always loud)
  • The ones who joggle in 100 babies and look at you guiltily for not giving up your seat for their kids.
  • The people who must hold on to something or someone in other to avoid a fall.(stand your grounds bi***)
  • The people who try to escape paying the bus fair.(b**** better have my money)
  • The characters who chitchat with their friends from the minute they walk in.(ok stop telling us why and how it went down…no don’t stop, I enjoy getting all up in your business without having to ask.)
  • The couples who are in each other’s spaces just to prove to the world that they are together and deeply in love🙄. Sloppy mess.
  • The fashionistas who look around just to make sure your shoes are of the latest trends😎. (What is with shoes anyway🤔)
  • The ones who are in a hurry to work/where ever and feel like the driver is not fast enough. Never sit by them, else you will get ‘The Antsy Syndrome’
  • The ones who think it is time to get a new date and познакомится(always asking all sorts of personal questions). Get the hell off my breadth.
  • The ones who take up the sitting space meant for two. Squeeze my damn thighs to a pulp😱.
  • The ***insert the ones you have met in the comment below***
  • The different types of conductors and of course the drivers.

These folks are just regular folks riding the bus to their destinations without a care who little old me is, sitting in the back and having my time.

I ride the bus because it makes my movement within the city less boring. I ride the bus because I get to witness the lives of others from my view and forget about my own little worries. I ride the bus because how else will I get to work or to the Uni without declaring bankruptcy. I just love my big bright yellow Bogdan but of course I’m not forgetting the people who always manage to get their body odor on your clothes(get a deodorant sir).

If you ride the bus as much as I do, then you have a story or two to tell…this is the beginning of telling mine. Please subscribe for more about my experiences in public transports and the many interesting stories copped from my Bogdan view.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all✌🏾

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  1. 😂😂 itanndy, you do not want to ride in a bus (especially NOT a yellow bus) in Lagos, Nigeria. You might not have a phone to type your experience at the end of the ride 🤣

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  2. The ones that always have questions about Africa 😒. Awww, this story brought back memories of Kiev. I actually miss the city and it’s people 😭

    Liked by 1 person

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