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GENDER EQUALITY | The Way Forward -1 |

The struggle for the emancipation of women from masculine subjugation has been a hard and complex fight albeit quite successful but there is more to be done. The import of writing this piece is to determine if the fight has been fair and to what extent can this be achieved.

To begin with, it is pertinent to address the meaning of Feminism which has gained popularity and given the 21st century woman a sense of inclusion. However, like with every theory and movement, feminism has been largely misunderstood especially among citizens of developing nations which ironically are the biggest victims of gender discrimination.

Feminism – is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal; to define, establish and achieve political, economical, personal and social equality of the sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those of men.

The import of this movement is that men shouldn’t be privileged over women in the grand scheme of things on the basis of gender. In developing countries like ours, while local and international bodies, persons of influence and laws are battling to give women equal opportunities to go to school, equal opportunity in politics, equal status and pay at work places among others with their male counterparts, locals have largely shifted the discuss to the home over who is to carry out domestic duties such as washing the crockery and raising kids. I’ll come to that later but let it be noted that the prevailing import of this movement is to give everyone equal opportunity and a fair shot at life.

Gender discrimination could largely be blamed on gender roles. Historically, both culture and religion has defined roles for men and women. It must be understood that gender role is totally cultural expectant. It is what society expects of each gender.

Growing up, it started with basic things such as expecting girls to answer certain names and boys to answer certain names, painting the rooms blue for boys and pink for girls, buying toy cars and planes for boys and buying barbies for girls, expecting boys to do the energy sapping jobs and girls to do the mild ones. Examples abound such as boys going to the farm while ladies do the cooking, boys hunting in the bushes while ladies do the baby sitting. Ladies are trained to be emotional and guys to be void of emotions as society saw emotional men as weak. This was basically because, our forefathers were into agriculture.

Before the turn of the millennium, men were expected to govern their homes and with a strong arm to keep their homes in order and thus men were raised to struggle and be successful. Women on the other hand were raised to be motherly and good so as to meet the standard of the men. Masculinity culture expect men to be assertive, ambitious and competitive, to strive for material success and to respect whatever is big, strong and fast.

…to be contd.

Featured Writer: Wisdom Dickson

Dickson is a lawyer and voracious reader who blows off steam by reading and watching movies when he is not screaming and rooting for Liverpool’s every match day. Don’t mind him if he sounds light-hearted sometimes. Having lived in every part of the Nigeria, he began to realize that life is not that serious. In his thinking room, he decides to sit behind his keyboard with a cup of coffee to dissect prevailing social issues. In his words “My mind is pressed. Allow me ease my pen.”

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