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| Why Cheat On Your Family |

I was minding my business on the gram when I read this post and y’all know that I needed answers. Where to begin. Reading this story, something got triggered inside of me. Something in need of genuine answers. Answers to questions that can only come from experiences. Experiences of victims or those who inflicted the hurt.

At first I was angry, then the anger was replaced by a yearning for an explanation. You see I have not been in a situation like this before but I have read of people who have. The hurtful trace it leaves in the hearts and souls of partners and children. Neglected children.

When something such as a this ‘a man neglecting his responsibilities to his family’ happens, I can’t help but wonder what was going through his mind before making these type of scars in the lives of the family he consciously decided to have. I am sure a lot of folks will have theories as to why a man will not just cheat on his wife but will go ahead to neglect his fatherly duties.

Speaking about the women who decide to stay with such men will be for another day. She is not the one who made a commitment to his family to be there for them, love, provide and protect them from the forces of the outside world, so nobody should please be in my comments about why we should blame the girl.

I do not know the behind-the-scenes of this household or a thousand other households who go through this on a daily basis or the dynamics that lead up to these types of behaviors but these are the questions I wish someone will try to reason up logical answers to:

  1. Why did he decide to cheat on his wife?
  2. Why did he decide to cheat on his kids?
  3. Why did he not leave instead of hurting the people who looked up to him the most?
  4. What do you with an information like this when you discover your dad is one the scum bags you hope never to run into?
  5. As a daughter, how do you believe again that there are good men out there who would do nothing to hurt you?
  6. As a son, what do you learn from this regarding family values?
  7. As a wife, how do you come to terms that you are not insufficient and the cause of your man cheating on you and your kids?
  8. As a father, how do you explain this to your kids and wife the reason behind hurting them?

Okay, I still want answers but I’m still very much pissed at this story. Where do you go from this? Smh!

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