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Happy Easter to you and yours. Or should I say Happy April Fools Day. Well, which ever you choose to celebrate with your family, friends or colleagues, I am here to show you how to put a spin on it. Have fun but remain in perfect health. No hospitals and no stinging aftermath feelings.

As a kid, my family never made a big deal about AFD, although we did celebrate Easter every year. The only memories of AFD pranks I have are from elementary school and college. A common mistake about pranking is that at the end of it, someone usually gets hurt with plans to retaliate the next year. Not everyone is wired the same way and so while some may find some pranks funny, it might be harmful to the person being pranked.

Below, I put together 10 hilarious and harmless pranks that I have tried in the past or will incorporate into my prank list which will leave you and your loved ones laughing all day.

  1. Bake a cake and cover it with a disguise of your choice. Here this asparagus looking cake is a perfect disguise for a surprise dessert.

  2. Slice off both ends of onions, dip them into melted chocolates, air dry and serve as chocolate lollipops.Β img_8712
  3. Wrap egg-shape grapes with fancy Easter foils and hid them as Easter eggs for your kids to find.img_8717
  4. Make a photocopy of your picture and use it as a toilet cover.img_8711
  5. Grab a scotch tape and cover the tv remote censor. Then watch your kids or friends change the batteries 5 times over.img_8714
  6. Cover the bar soap with glue or transparent nail polish. After it dries, it won’t lather.img_8706
  7. Challenge your family or friends to finish a maze puzzle with no escape routes. Add a handsome reward to make it more interesting.img_8713
  8. Freeze your kids favorite breakfast.Β img_8710
  9. Slice up paper spiders and cockroaches and place them in strategic places around the house.img_8703


  10. The money trick. Glue an old dollar bill to the edge of a book or anything of choice and see who falls for it.img_8708


The best way to maximize these moments is with a camera to capture them. I’m pretty sure I tried numbers 6 and 10 and they worked like magic.Β  Have fun and tell me which suggestions you have tried and been pranked. Don’t forget to use a camera and follow my blog.

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