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| False Humility |

Humility – the quality of being modest.

False Humility – the quality of low self-esteem.Β HOW TO BUILD YOUR SELF-ESTEEM

For a very long time I thought that I was being the most humble person ever. Every time I was asked to do something I knew I was perfectly capable of doing, my brain would immediately suggest ‘be humble’, say you cannot do it so you do not outshine the next person who might or might not be able to do the taskπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Then boom, 🀯 I learnt that what I have known my entire life was false. Okay maybe not this dramatic but you catch my drift. πŸ˜‰

Let me give you perfect examples of when you are being humble and when it’s a total false humility:

Genuine humility ;

A. Jackie Chan is what most people would probably refer to as a legend. He has turned in many incredible performances in all his years as an actor. He is funny, does crazy stunts and very easy on the eye. Has been recognized for his amazing body of work all over the world. While many actors and celebrities are arrogant, Jackie’s humility during his interviews can be seen even by the blind, as he speaks of how grateful he is for the many opportunities, acknowledging how tasking the roles were, and how great it was to work with an incredible crew.

B. I also find parenting very humbling. You literally cook, wipe baby butts, and clean after a bunch of kids(sometimes an ungrateful bunch), and you do this absolutely free of charge.

C. Let’s take the story of the birth of my greatest hero Jesus Christ. Though a God, but he was born in a manger. A very humbling environment, a stable. During his public ministry, even though he was a king, he owned nothing and did not have a property to his name.

D. A very typical one is when you let a person who is in a big rush go before you in a queue. Some might consider this nonsense but consider the amount of your ego you laid aside in other for someone to be put before you.

False humility;

One who has an inferiority complex can never be really humble, but can only have false modesty or false humility. – Sri Chinmoy

E. You are part of a growing group, an opportunity pops up and there is need for a leader in the group. You’ve had experiences in leading positions and know that you are completely capable of guiding the group and taking up that responsibility, but you decline the position even after so many group members have nominated you. I consider this type of humility not just false but just plain stupid.

F. A person with the false humility syndrome is easily offended. They can’t even laugh at themselves when joked about by other people.

There is false humility and genuine humility and between them, there is a desire of the practitioner to become humble. – Radhanath Swami

It’s imperative to know the difference between genuine humility and false humility to be a leader and take charge of your life. While there are a thousand and one other relatable humbling experiences out there, I managed to think up these few…so please share other classic instances of genuine and false humility. Comment them below.

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  1. Fabulous. And l agree with you absolutely about people with requisite abilities and capabilities who refuse to take leadership positions in a group even when they’re given recognition and the offer. I think such an attitude stems from a lack of commitment, fear of taking responsibility and a fear of criticism, fear that they may not deliver to expectations and make mistakes that will flaw an otherwise positive perception others about themselves. Plain pride!

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  2. Ooooops!!Now i feel this is totally about me because i hate to embrace leadership positions with the vain thought of being humble.. Now i know better. Thanks Idy for this awesome piece

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  3. One example of true humility would be not to complain on things or on yourself. Complaining literally brings you nowhere, but gives you an instant feeling of you doing something about unsatisfactory with the circumstances or yourself, just by the acknowledging this imperfections exist. Acknowledging, but not changing shit.
    This is why the culture of wining is so huge. It gives you an instant reward of dopamine, just for the mutual promise to yourself to fix or improve the situation, without actually building the positive outcome for the problem.

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  4. I’m guilty of always running away from leadership positions. Not because I’m trying to be humble, but because I’m actually scared of leading and failing.
    You should consider writing on a topic that helps people of my caliber to overcome this fear.

    This write up sunk really deep.
    ~Badivane Ronax

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  5. Dunno if I could call mine false humility, but I really take it personal when someone makes a joke at me, maybe cause I always try to see the underlying intent in every joke. Nice piece Id

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  6. This genuinely cracked me up. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of false humility at different points in my life which was mainly as a result of nonsense doctrines from so called religious leaders. I’ve grown and now know better now. I totally agree with you and thanks for this article.

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