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| I Visited Pinchuk Art Centre, Ukraine |

Never been to an art gallery in my life. So you can imagine my expectations when a friend calls me up and suggests an Art Center for our afternoon hangout.

The building is right in the center of Kyiv City, capital of Ukraine situated in Eastern Europe. I see it everytime I’m out there in the city Centre but never attempted to go in. Anyway, if I remember correctly, it is made up of five floors with different types of arts on display dedicated to each floor. Our first mission was the bathroom on the fifth floor and then to all the other floors with various displays.

Fish display.

On one side of the glass, the body of the fish seamed completely untouched and on the reverse side, all the skeletal structures. This was probably the most interesting for me.

Display of contemporary arts

Then to many other art rooms, as we weren’t allowed to take lots of photos, these were the few I was able to get away with.

It was an interesting experience. Different but interesting. I still don’t understand the whole fuss about going to art galleries but I sure had my share of experience.

If you happen to be in Kyiv for the first time and have enough time, check out Pinchuk Art Center.

Outfit Details;

Jacket: Alexander Wang

Sweater: Diyamor

Pants: H/M

Shoes: H/M

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