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| The Art Of Introspection |

I believe that History repeats itself.

A man who does not know his history is doomed to repeat it they say.

What people ignore is humankind’s ability to dissociate from the past and repeat well known grievous mistakes. We always believe we are different from our predecessors. We claim to be in a different position than the last person to jump a hurdle. Hindsight is blindingly clear.

From elections to wars we find ourselves trapped in cycles we cannot escape. We constantly entertain mass murderers who promise us revolution. Adolf Hitler as the most recent, killed 30 million people in a decade simply because of prejudice. We have Joseph Stalin who had 40 million murdered including his own supporters in his quest for revolution. Let’s not forget how Mao Zedong tops them all at 60 million people dead. I wonder what the fact that mankind is always ready to sacrifice someone else on the off chance of improvement signifies.πŸ€”

The feminism battle has been on since the 1600’s. First official movement was recorded in 1647. There have been improvements, women in the western world have not been classified as chattel for a while now. Somehow in 400 years women have still not been awarded same rights as men even with undeniable proof of equality. We are racist and tribalistic, we still kill each other over land rights. This will continue until we are extinct or until we learn the art of introspection.

I pessimistically place my bet on extinction happening first.

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  1. To analyze your thought, what exactly brought you to the choices you make, to emotions you feel, to understand the causes of your own behavior to mark the repetitive mistakes and to eliminate them – this skill is vital

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