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| Ladies, Would You Stop Working If Your Man Asked You To |

I recently read a story of a young waitress who found love in a man and quit her job for him. She didn’t just quit because she was lazy to keep working, or due to medical problems!

Nope, she stopped working because her man told her she didn’t need to work.

There are a lot of cases where husbands or boyfriends who are financially capable decide that if their wife or partner work less hours, it will give them more time to either take care of themselves, travel more and employ others through their own businesses as opposed to slaving for the government or someone else.

So I created a survey:

Guess the gender that YESed most

Back to the story I read. She obediently listened to her man and willingly stopped her waitress job. Obviously the man was providing, making all the money and taking care of her and ordering her around like his property. They got married, had 3 kids and soon after because she for obvious reasons had to be dependent on him for every damn thing. He assumed the position of her father and lost every bit of respect for her, took away her kids and sleeps with other women within their circle.

This is the thing.

I do not or will I ever understand why in this day and age, any woman would want to quit any job because her male partner thought it better for her to.

I will never understand those women who are mentally and physically stable and capable to work but choose to run every minute to husbands or partners for their every need.

I can understand taking a break from working, with a definite plan to make use of your brains for the benefit of the society. What I will not get is being content with being a stay home trophy wife all so you can show that you are submissive to your male partner.

What do you think your well-to-do-I-am-a-man-taking-care-of-you does when he is in the same boardroom with other women who are exercising their brains and adding value to the world, who banter with him intellectually, take on projects and finish them, come home to a woman who is content with reading bank statements and complaining there aren’t enough diapers for the baby.

I’m sure a lot of working women would resonate with this: with the feeling of having your own money, the feeling of having a say in decision making because you can put your mouth where your money is, and for the feeling of fulfillment humans get from providing for their family, this is something that shouldn’t be limited to a gender. Everybody likes to feel useful and needed.

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts below!


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  1. I was asked this question awhile back and being a woman who has worked before the legal age. No I would leave my job for someone I was dating! I am very independent and feel that regardless, I need to be self sufficient. But with that being said, if “married” and in a position where I didn’t have to go to a 9-5, or worry about money and able to focus on what I would like to do outside of that, I would take that into consideration. Being reliant on someone other than myself has alway been hard for me to grasp. But if it were a platform to elevate where I am as a working woman, build my own prosperous business, and if my spouse was helping me pursue those dreams. I would leave in a heartbeat. Other than that… nope, nada, no way!

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  2. Where does such a thought process ever originate from?! Who wants that from his girl? I want to believe when he makes such a request, he wants us to build a business empire together as partners, or I dunno, something bigger than where I am? Something so big, and out of this world? Like an Empire that has wowed me into absolute oblivion of my present position.

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    • I can’t even fathom the extent of disgust I felt reading that story… on top of that, she begged him not to leave her…how naive can one person be. It is obvious that strong willed and conscious women like you will never go through this cos you appreciate the value of being valuable. Thanks girl for stopping by … I always love your commentsπŸ’‹


  3. I dont understand why a man woukd ask his wife not to work. Every man ought to pride himself in the success of his woman. Whike ahe is hrowing, you are growing.
    The best motivation for your daughters is seeing their mother climb the ladder of success against all odds in a man’s world. Even if she doesn’t break the glass ceiling, she would have set an example of hard work, diligence, self respect and independence.
    Even if your man get transferred out of the state or country, if you must leave with him, look for a job upon arrival. You can’t afford to be reliant on a man all your life. Stupid men abuse women’s sacrifices and you can’t tell the good from the foolish till their character comes out which are mostly unearth when you are in your weak moments – either financially or emotionally.
    Nobody is clairvoyant enough to know what tomorrow brings but we can save ourselves from prediction by taking care of today. Hold the job first because life is unscripted.
    How do I teach my daughters to be successful and create in them the desire for excellence when I have denied their mother every shot at success. I for one, want to watch my woman climb that ladder of success, put misogynists in their place, watch her go on self sponsored trip and build her clientele. For the life of me, it is not a crime is my wife ministers the nation’s finances or make policies on behalf of International Organizations or sign international treaties. Like my children, I will take joy in her success. If she turns out to be more successful, for what it is worth, she has worked for it and nobody else deserves it more. Why are we one? We share in each other’s success.
    Men that have inferiority complex with successful women or can’t stand their wives being successful are a danger to society and a continuous threat to the growth of the education and establishment of the female child.
    Ladies stay woke.

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    • How do I teach my daughters to be successful and create in them the desire for excellence when I have denied their mother every shot at success. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎyour opinions are much needed and very welcomed on my blog. Thank you for being thorough in writing your thoughts. It’s a breadth of fresh air to know that far beyond all the men who clicked yes in that survey, are men like you who think this way. πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜˜


  4. In my opinion being a housewife is a JOB, but I don’t believe a person goes to school and pays so much tuition to not use what you spent years acquiring in one form or the other. Any man that will tell a lady not to work is stupid but more stupid is any lady that agrees to stay at home to please her husband. I’m sure more men answered in the affirmative in that survey. Society has foisted a role on women for too long. Women have basically been trained since childhood to put the well being of everyone first. I believe when women disregard the role they been forced to play and take their well being first into their hands, we would stop hearing stories of men disrespecting women because they are the sole providers in the household.

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    • Well said Wisdom. A lot of men in the survey picked yes and I would love to know why. I couldn’t imagine myself as a woman with the same mental abilities as a man agreeing to stay at home and wife my husband all so he can be the so called head of the family. No disrespect for stay home mums but it makes absolutely no sense to me why of all the things men tell women to do and not to do, a woman would agree to not using her brains for the betterment of her society.
      Thank you for stopping by as always….great input man😘


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