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I M D |I Love Men But…πŸ™„|

Okay okay okay!

Let’s address the obvious!

International Men’s Day (IMD)…No I’m not hating that men have a day set aside to celebrate themselves. But isn’t that every other day?πŸ™„Β Talk about patriarchal acknowledgement.

Women are probably just like me wondering why exactly we are celebrating men instead of adding more days to celebrate us!

I’m not advocating that some of you don’t deserve recognition for your efforts but can we talk? Some of you are walking scumbags(this is not the total reflection of my past and present encounters with men). Some of you are sperm donors and some abusers of their physical strength.

In my church, men were asked to take charge of the entire service and to do with the service how they want, meanwhile some of them were still complaining that why should men do everything, and that women should have done it all while they sit back and relax. πŸ™„πŸ™„

I’m genuinely confused as to why a day is set aside to celebrating men. As if in our society, men are not already enjoying the pecks of their manhood! Enlighten me!

Yes it’s just a day, it shouldn’t bother me but petty me couldn’t help it.

Go ahead and have your little day and little celebration but stop asking me what gift to give you cos you ain’t getting nothing from me. ✌🏾

Ps! Today is also world’s toilet day! Enjoy!!!


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