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| Master Of The Game – Sidney Sheldon |


So I recently read an intriguing book by one of my best writers(Sidney Sheldon) titled β€˜Master of the game’ 😍 and amongst all the plots and twists and turns of the whole book, the part about how she decided to raise her son made me think to self!

Self! If I ever had a child, and found myself in Kate Blackwell’s position, I’d probably make the same decisions. When I shared that part of the story to some of my friends, I received mixed responses which ultimately boiles down to about my current position on this topic.

No one should ever tell you how to raise your kidπŸ˜… is what most mothers would say(IDKπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ) but what would you do as a parent or mother, if you had one of the biggest conglomerates in the world and still expanding, with just ONE SON as the future heir, only for him to decide that he wants no parts in the company and decides on being a painter! PAINTER! pAINter!! PaiNTEr!!!….πŸ˜³πŸ™„πŸŒš

I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I WILL DO THE SAME THING KATE BLACKWELL DID IN THIS BOOK, only difference is that I’d tie all the loose ends so he doesn’t end up like Tony BlackwellπŸ™ƒπŸ˜…

I simply cannot understand why as an influential parent, you will not do everything within your human powers to make sure your kid learns the family trade from day 1. (Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all kinds of family startups or careers that doesn’t bring you satisfaction and comfortability in life)! Okay some will say the kid has his/her life to lead but please, I gave you the damn life, I might as well make a life long decision for you on what and how to live the life. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

How many friends do you know, who can afford whatever they wish and have real-time access to the beautiful things of life, yet they nonchalantly and consciously decide that, they aren’t about that lifeπŸ™„ while you are like, please shut up! And use the privilege that has been so wel led down for you. This is not to say, you shouldn’t have a hobby or want to earn your way up in life but you Β should polish the golden/silver spoon you were born with, and you better polish it hard.

Anyway…The love I have for Sidney Sheldon is above and beyond! Have a beautiful day people!

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  1. Late to the party! I’ve always thought Blackwell was nuts. Taking over is definitely my kids choice, maintaining wealth is a skill and I would rather someone competent takes charge of my hard earned wealth than some punk because they are my blood. If lineage suddenly mattered that strongly to me I would make a stipulation that whoever inherits must bear my name. Honestly the person I train to take over would matter as much as my own child because that kind of wealth is definitely blood too.

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  2. Am having mixed feelings on this topic.
    As a parent I want my child to have the right to make their own decisions but that been said, I may take her side because I want my legacy to stand and also my blood should run what I built.
    Its a tough decision she made knowing fully well that he may resent you for that.


  3. The son of the richest man in China doesn’t want any part of his Father’s wealth. We are talking about 22 billion pounds…..when you have seen money all your life, it’s easier to decide whether money is everything or not. Most often than not, the wealthy agree that happiness is ultimate.

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    • Again I agree and this is what the book was partly about… the boy didn’t want anything to do with the company but again, the write up is about how the parent chose to parent her child and how it turned out…of course for the rich, happiness is mostly the ultimate but again, it was about what the parent wanted rather than what the boy wanted…☺️


  4. It’s yours doesn’t mean you must be involved in it. You can just be the owner and other people run the company but it’s still yours. Live like you are retired and follow your passion.
    Life is more than family heritage. Everyone has a life. Why follow a path you will never be happy with?

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    • I absolutely understand your point and find myself partly agreeing with you…but this is what I’d have done as a parent to my child(only child)…the part of the book I referred to, is about what viscous steps the mum had to take just to make sure the son was involved in the running of the company since she didn’t want to trust the company the parents went through hell to build in the hands of a person not tied to her by blood


  5. You gon be fulfilling your dreams in the family business.. Doh! πŸ™„
    You gonna paint my company, your company, your child’s company which would be my grandchild with yourself being the heir…

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  6. Hmmm, quite a sensitive topic. Imagine trying to force a spherical object into a square hole….
    I think I will allow him fulfill his dream, but make him understand that he will be the future heir of the family biz. He may not necessary be directly involved in running it, but he is the overall boss

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    • Interesting view on parenting, I mean as the overall boss, shouldn’t he know all the nuances what it means to run a business and of expanding it? If he is just going to be the overall boss, anyone can do that, it will require all his attention …but interesting ☺️


  7. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to be honest, I might do the same thing too. It’s just like what’s happening in my country Nigeria, a lot of the super rich kids are going into the entertainment industryπŸ˜‚. It must be God punishing the parents through their kids. I might not do the same thing, I will do worse. Painting can be a hubby, running the family business a priority

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    • Omg’ you totally get it and it’s just absolute rubbish in my opinion, to be born with a damn silver spoon up your ass and then you decide, that you won’t polish the spoon when you are of age, I will do worse actually. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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