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| Be Present In The Here And Now |

I might not be the best person to address this topic as many of you have heard this a thousand times over.

So this is me passing down to you what was shared in a closed leadership meeting which I had the privilege of attending. Enjoy and learn)

Not being here and now is:

* Being lazy – wandering away your mind. πŸ™„

* Being selfish – not able to notice the needs of others.πŸ˜‘

β€’ As a leader, we are always on duty, – passively(those watching) or actively(in an elected position).

β€’ A leader doesn’t have the right to waste the life of another person. You can waste a follower’s life when you don’t take your job/ministry seriously.

* Being here and now means being accountable before God, before your team, before the people listening to you.

* Evaluate yourself…and ask honest questions as self check on where you are lagging as a leader.

* Be conscious about the impact of your leadership on the people around you. Consciousness/Sensitivity.

* To be effectively here and now, and work well as a leader, you must possess an Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Relations, Boldness, Confidence, Volunteer, Be fast.

* We all have the emotions to support a holy call but first get your heart right with God and then get a vision.

The results of what you want to do, must be real to you.πŸ˜€

P.s! My leader ‘Kizito Leacock’ shared this with me and I thought I share with y’all. To listen to some of his deep teachings


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